Month of Bugs in Captchas

23:54 17.10.2007

The time has come for announcement of my new project - Month of Bugs in Captchas. This project will start next month. So November is a month of bugs in Captchas ;-) .

There are a lot of different Captcha systems in Internet and a lot of them are vulnerable. Captchas create only illusion of protection. The purpose of this Month of Bugs is to demonstrate the real state of Captchas’ security, which are using at many web site.

In November 2007 there will be Captchas Apocalypses. A lot of Captchas will be hacked to death. They will die to reborn into new more secure Captchas. The time has come.

Address of the project:

Additional information about the project will be published at the end of this month. November will be the very hot month.

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  1. MustLive каже:

    I published detailed description of Month of Bugs in Captchas project.

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