Number of hacked sites in Internet

22:42 28.07.2008

This is English version of my Number of hacked sites in Internet article.

How much of hacked sites are currently in Internet - it’s urgent question. From news you know, that sites are constantly hacking, and number of this hacks is measured in hundreds and thousands (per one way of hacks), sometimes reaches hundreds of thousands of sites.

To find out the situation with hacks of sites in Uanet I lead own researches, as a result of which publish reports about hackers activity in Uanet. And as a results of new researches today I created new method of searching hacked sites, as in Uanet, as in a whole Internet. Searching occurs with help of Google - via special dorks.

This method allow to reveal hacked sites, which were hacked recently (or long ago), and still were not fixed by admins. So this method can be used for revealing of actual state of Internet’s hacked level ;-) (to reveal recently hacked sites). It can be used also in general for researching of hackers activity in Internet, and also for leading of regional researches of hackers activity (in different countries).

Queries for revealing of hacked sites:

intitle:”hacked by” - as a whole in Internet up to 1010000 sites are currently hacked.

Of course there are also news sites in results, which wrote about hacks of sites, but there are many directly hacked sites.

Search on Uanet:

intitle:”hacked by” site:ua - up to 2060 sites are currently hacked.

intitle:”hacked by” + “pages from Ukraine” - up to 2540 sites are currently hacked.

Second query more precision (because include Ukrainian sites, which not located in ua zone) and so has more results.

In Internet (and in Uanet) there are large number of hacked sites in current time. And with every minute, when robots of Google (and other search engines) walk around the Net, this information is updating.

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