Добірка уразливостей

17:39 15.04.2010

В даній добірці уразливості в веб додатках:

  • Stored XSS on Communigate Pro 5.2.14 and prior versions (деталі)
  • New cacti packages fix insufficient input sanitising (деталі)
  • Family Connections <= 2.1.3 Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities (деталі)
  • Re: Asante FM2008 10/100 Ethernet switch backdoor login (деталі)
  • QuiXplorer <=2.4.1beta Remote Code Execution vulnerability (деталі)
  • Horde 3.3.5 “PHP_SELF” Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability (деталі)
  • Authentication bypass and file manipulation in Sitecore Staging Module (деталі)
  • Linksys WAG54G2 Web Management Console Local Arbitrary Shell Command Injection Vulnerability (деталі)
  • phpPollScript - 1.3 Remote File Include (деталі)
  • SMF (Simple Machine Forum) 1.1.11 XSS (деталі)

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