Добірка уразливостей

15:23 05.08.2010

В даній добірці уразливості в веб додатках:

  • Palm Pre WebOS <=1.1 Remote File Access Vulnerability (деталі)
  • Palm Pre WebOS 1.0.4 Remote execution of arbitrary HTML code vulnerability (деталі)
  • XSS vulnerability in NPDS REvolution (деталі)
  • Stored XSS vulnerability in NPDS REvolution (деталі)
  • Caucho Technology Resin digest.php Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability (деталі)
  • New mt-daapd packages fix several vulnerabilities (деталі)
  • Cacti Multiple Parameter Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities (деталі)
  • XSRF (CSRF) in NPDS REvolution (деталі)
  • SQL injection vulnerability in LiSK CMS (деталі)
  • Authentication Bypass of Snom Phone Web Interface (деталі)

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