Добірка уразливостей

14:19 11.02.2011

В даній добірці уразливості в веб додатках:

  • SFCB vulnerabilities (деталі)
  • XSS in Squirrelmail plugin ‘Virtual Keyboard’ <= 0.9.1 (деталі)
  • XSS vulnerability in Docebo (деталі)
  • RSA Key Manager SQL injection Vulnerability (деталі)
  • XSS vulnerability in Expression CMS (деталі)
  • XSS vulnerability in Lantern CMS (деталі)
  • Core FTP mini-sftp-server Several DoS and Directory Traversal Vulnerabilities (деталі)
  • Core FTP Server(SFTP module) ‘open’ and ’stat’ Commands Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability (деталі)
  • XSS vulnerability in Lantern CMS (деталі)
  • Joomla! 1.5.20 <= Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Vulnerability (деталі)

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