Добірка уразливостей

15:02 08.03.2011

В даній добірці уразливості в веб додатках:

  • Xlight FTPd Multiple Directory Traversal in SFTP (деталі)
  • Aardvark Topsite XSS vulnerability (деталі)
  • New TYPO3 packages fix several vulnerabilities (деталі)
  • Multiple Cisco CSS / ACE Client Certificate and HTTP Header Manipulation Vulnerabilities (деталі)
  • Wiccle Web Builder CMS and iWiccle CMS Community Builder Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities (деталі)
  • Pecio CMS XSS Vulnerability (деталі)
  • Security Advisories from TEHTRI-Security at HITB Europe (деталі)
  • Micro CMS Persistent XSS Vulnerability (деталі)
  • Multiple critical vulnerabilities in Sawmill log analysis software (деталі)
  • ALPHA Ethernet Adapter II Web-Manager 3.40.2 Authentication Bypass (деталі)

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