Добірка уразливостей

16:25 19.06.2012

В даній добірці уразливості в веб додатках:

  • at32 ReverseProxy - Multiple HTTP Header Field Denial Of Service Vulnerability (деталі)
  • PHP Volunteer Management ‘id’ 1.0.2 Multiple Vulnerabilities (деталі)
  • Websense Triton 7.6 stored XSS in report management UI (деталі)
  • Websense Triton 7.6 - unauthenticated remote command execution as SYSTEM (деталі)
  • Websense Triton 7.6 - authentication bypass in report management UI (деталі)
  • Security Notice for CA ARCserve Backup (деталі)
  • Websense Triton 7.6 - reflected XSS in report management UI (деталі)
  • Pritlog v0.821 CMS - Multiple Web Vulnerabilities (деталі)
  • C4B XPhone UC Web 4.1.890S R1 - Cross Site Vulnerability (деталі)
  • Opial CMS v2.0 - Multiple Web Vulnerabilities (деталі)

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